Walking & Moving Meditation

Moving meditations are being hailed across the wellness community at spas, hospitals and even places of work as an accessible alternative for people may want to experience the benefits of meditation but find it difficult to sit for long periods of time in order to achieve a sense of inner calm and peace.

There are several types of moving meditations from practicing the age-old Chinese arts of Tai Chi and Qigong to walking a specific path on a labyrinth or hike. In each case, the theme of watching the breath, letting the moment unfold and maintaining awareness of the surroundings is foundational.  The goal in any of these practices is to move with intention which gives way for the overactive and distracted mind to quiet down.  It is in the quieting of the mind that we can create the opportunity for rest and renewal, even as the body is in movement.

Moving meditations are not just a periodic practice we can do incorporate for our health and wellbeing; it can also be a way of living. It means we are living and moving with attention.  One simple way of bringing attention to your daily life is, next time you walk, whether it is on your office floor, at home, on the city streets or out in nature, walk with bring your attention to the actual experience of walking as you are doing it – stand upright, shoulders back, arms relaxed, move heel to toe and move with balanced breath. Take a few steps and check in with how you feel.  Contemplate on the experience and see if you were able to find sense of stillness and peace for even a short time amidst the movement.

“Being still doesn’t mean don’t move. It means move in peace.”  – E’yen A. Gardner


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